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En esta sección recogemos un histórico de todas las publicaciones realizadas por el nuestro equipo. Las hemos ordenado por períodos de tiempo para hacer más fácil su consulta.


Controlled release of cyclosporine from VP-HEMA copolymer systems of adjustable resorption monitorized by micellar electrokinetic capillary chromatography

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Frozen storage effects on anthocyanins and volatile compounds of raspberry fruit

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Tuning of mobile and stationary phase polarity for separation of polar compounds by SFC

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Capillary isoelectric focusing of erythropoietin glycoforms and its comparison with flat-bed isoelectric focusing and capillary zone electrophoresis

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Multiple peaks in HPLC of proteins. Bovine serum albumin eluted in a reversed-phase system

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Characterization of cheese proteolysis by capillary electrophoresis and reverse-phase HPLC analyses of peptides

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Low aspect ratio packed capillary column in SFC

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