Foodomics Laboratory

Jose A. Mendiola

Higher Scientific Officer

Jose Antonio Mendiola León PhD.
Department of Bioactivity and Food Analysis
Institute of Food Science Research, CIAL (CSIC)
C/ Nicolás Cabrera, 9 Madrid, SPAIN 
Tel.# +34-91 0017 900 (ext. 945)


Current work





Nowadays I'm working in extraction and purification of functional food ingredients by means of supercritical fluid extraction from natural sources and developing analytical tools (HPLC, GC... and MS) to achieve their chemical characterization


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Curriculum vitae


In 2002 I finished my bachelor degree in Food Science and technology in 2002 in Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) where I previously graduated (3 years) in Chemistry (1999).
After it I started my doctorate (Ph. D.) in Food Sciences and Chemical Engineering working among the Food Sciences Research Group of UAM and the Institute of Insdustrial Fermentations of CSIC.  In 2004 I got my Master's Degree with the work called: Supercritical fluid extraction of Spirulina platensis. Chemo-functional characterization

In June 2008, I got my PhD. degree with the thesis entitled "Supercritical fluid extraction of bioactive compounds from microalgae" in the Sciences Faculty of Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. This PhD Thesis was directed by doctors Elena Ibáñez and F. Javier Señoráns. This work was awarded with one of the Extraordinary PhD Thesis Award of Sciences Faculty.

Since Sept 2009 I'm High Technician Specialized in Food Analysis at the Institute of Research in Food Sciences (CIAL-CSIC)


Scientific publications


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