Laboratory of Foodomics

Elena Ibañez

Full Research Professor

Curriculum Vitae


Prof. Dr. Elena Ibañez is a Full Research Professor at the Institute of Food Science Research (CIAL) belonging to the CSIC in Madrid, Spain. She received her PhD in Analytical Chemistry at the UAM, Spain and carried out her postdoctoral training at Brigham Young University, USA and at the University of California at Davis, USA. Elena's main activity includes the study and development of new green extraction processes based on the use of compressed fluids to isolate bioactive compounds from natural sources such as food and agricultural by-products, plants and algae. She has received different national and international awards, co-authored more than 230 publications, 27 book chapters and 10 patents. Awarded as one of the 50 top women in Analytical Chemistry (2016 Power List, the Analytical Scientist, October, 2016) and one of the 10 Top 10s in Analytical Chemistry in the category of Public Defenders (2017 Power List, the Analytical Scientist, October, 2017). Her h index is 69 and her works have received more than 16000 citations (March, 2020) (


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