The simgi® platform offers a gastric and intestinal digestion service, a colon fermentation service, and/or a complete simulation service, applied to foods and food ingredients. In addition, microbiological analyses of the samples collected from simgi®, based on the characterization of the microbial intestinal community and on metabolism studies are also offered as a service.

The system allows easy sampling of all compartments, and in turn:

To generate detailed information about the food components at intestinal level, including factors affecting the bioavailability of active compounds (e.g. formulation or food matrix effects), metabolic processes that affect the structure or nature of the active compounds and profiles of local activity in the gastrointestinal tract.

The specific configuration of simgi® allows to conduct short- and long-term (up to several months) experiments with a differentiated and stable microbial community, and the use of physiologically relevant doses of products.

The possibility of sampling from all colon regions allows metabolic analysis without impacting the resident microbial community.

Performing experiments to evaluate the effect of single and/or repeated doses of specific products (probiotics, prebiotics, synbiotics, bioactive food components,…) on the composition and/or metabolic activity of the intestinal microbiota.

The Platform simgi® is specialized in:

Planning and design of trials.

Development of standard protocols for preparation and storage of samples.

Providing kits and reagents.

Metabolic studies using state-of-the-art equipment.

Characterization of the intestinal microbiome (e.g. qPCR, phylogenetic profiles and strain-specific analysis)

Statistical analysis suited to the needs of the trials.

From a proactive approach, the simgi® platform provides technological solutions to complex challenges under high quality standards and cost-effective and personalized services. Our final aim is to effectively support the discovery, development and positioning of products for a wide range of industries and research centers.

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