In 2009, our group defined for the first time in a SCI journal the new discipline of Foodomics as: A discipline that studies the Food and Nutrition domains through the application and integration of advanced omics technologies to improve consumer's well-being, health, and knowledge (A. Cifuentes, J. Chromatogr. A 1216 (2009) 7109).

In oct. 2015 the journal LCGC spoke to Alejandro Cifuentes  about the fundamental importance of foodomics and where the field of food analysis is heading (Fundamental Foodomics, LCGC, Oct 2015)

In December 2012 the ACS journal Analytical Chemistry dedicated its cover to Foodomics (December 4, 2012 Volume 84, Issue 23 Pages 10149-10508). The cover of this issue is here reproduced. They also included a podcast (that can be found here) talking about the principles, applications and main challenges of Foodomics.

Analytical Chemistry. December 2012
More info about the cover  Art designer: Robert Gates.


Other interesting publications about Foodomics are:

ELECTROPHORESIS August 2012, Vol. 33 Issue 15 Special Issue: Advanced Food Analysis and Foodomics  Pages 2199–2474 Issue edited by: Alejandro Cifuentes


Foodomics: Advanced Mass Spectrometry in Modern Food Science and Nutrition. Willey 2013, Edited by Alejandro Cifuentes ISBN: 978-1-1181-6945-2


Electrophoresis June 2014 Volume 35, Issue 11, Page 1517-1515 Special Issue: Foodomics and Advanced Food Analysis