The Unit gives internal courses and offers user guidance.


A theoretical-practical introduction to common laboratories and equipment is offered each month to new users.

The objectives of the introduction are:

  • Unit staff and users meet in person
  • Laboratories and equipment are presented
  • A short explanation of equipment handling with references to written instructions
  • Avoid wrong use of equipment in order to increase its lifetime
  • Encourage respect between users
  • Avoid underutilization of equipment

The disposal of records of calibration, verification and maintenance and the existence of the service catalogue of the Unit are are emphasized

Besides the following specific courses are given when necessary:

  • Authorization of P2 lab users: In order to gain access to the biosafety laboratories of the institute it is necessary to make an authorization course in which the general and specific equipment of these laboratories are shown and their operation explained. Also security regulation, waste management and other guidelines necessary for the development of different lab activities are addressed.
  • Use of UV/Vis spectrophotometer: Theoretical-practical course in which the spectrophotometer Specord 210 Plus and its operation by the Win Aspect Plus software are presented. The different functionalities of the instrument are shown by real measurements, including kinetic tests and Peltier temperature control.
  • Use of Microplate Reader: Introductory course in the use of the MultiSkan FC microplate reader. It includes typical examples of use that allow the user to get a first contact with the instrument and to obtain sufficient skills for proper handling.
  • Use of freeze dryer LyoQuest-85: The operation principles of the freeze dryer as well as its handling are explained. By the end the user will be able to carry out freeze drying in an autonomous way.


On a daily basis users are guided individually or collectively en groups in all the services offered by the Unit, like specific instrument handling, doubts on obtained results, election of lab material etc.