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Current services at the Metabolomics  Platform

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Sample treatment

- Biofluids: plasma, serum, cerebrospinal fluid, urine, saliva, etc (deproteinization with organic solvent, ultrafiltration, solid phase extraction).
- Cell culture (disruption of cells by snap-freezing and ginding with glass beads).
- Plants, tissues (Liquid-liquid extraction).


LC-Q/TOF MS non-targeted metabolomic analysis

Non-targeted LC-MS metabolomic analysis of complex biological/food samples using UPLC-Q/TOF and nanoLC-Q/TOF platforms. We can attempt to achieve a metabolome coverage as higher as possible, but it cannot always be achieved.  There are several challenges in Metabolomics, including metabolite diversity, dynamic range of concentrations (from  nM to mM). We can increase coverage by using different sample preparation and analysis methods. 


LC-Q/TOF MS targeted metabolomic analysis

Targeted LC-MS analysis of families of metabolites.

Data processing

Goal: Identification of features (unique m/z and retention time) that are differently expressed in different groups of samples (for example cancerous cells versus noncancerous) and tentative identification of key metabolites.

We offer a preliminary data processing with next services:

4.1. Data set extraction from raw LC-MS cromatograms to make calculations, graphics etc. using customer’s software. Offered LC-MS cromatograms formats: csv, tsv, xls, xlsx, mzData.

4.2. Data processing: Peak finding, filtering of background noise, retention time alignment, normalization. A data matrix of time-aligned detected peaks with their corresponding retention time, m/z and peak area for each sample is given. Offered data matrix formats: csv, tsv, xls, xlsx.

4.3. Basic multivatiate analysis based on the obtained LC-MS results.

4.4. Tentative identification of metabolites based on database mass comparison (using METLIN metabolite database) and isotopic pattern (using Mass Hunter software).

4.5. Computer workstaion is available in the Platform for access to software packages. We host commercial (Mass Hunter, Mass Profiler Proffessional) and open source software (XCMS, mzMine, IDEOM) for individual data analysis. Training is also available (fees will depend on the requested training).

data processing

OpenAccess format

- Sample handling and metabolite extraction: Facilities for tissue, body fluids, and cell extraction. Sample storage is also available.

 - Access to computational facilities (see point 4.5).