Novalindus Platform

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NOVALINDUS is a pilot plant specialized in the development of Functional Food Products obtaining Processes, as well as Pilot Production of such products. This is a service platform for R&D for OPIs and companies, whose main philosophy is Useful Food Research, evolving constantly, for transferable results to society, without forgetting the fundamental role of the company.

Formed with an innovative vision, it tries to combine synergies between public research, business and society. Vastly funded by the INNOCAMPUS Program, it is an excellent commitment of Campus of Excellence UAM+CSIC to the technological boost of research groups and companies, as well as the development of new food processes and ingredients.

The NOVALINDUS Platform has a catalog of Technology Services associated with equipment acquired mainly through two funding sources: UAM Innocampus 2010 Program (CEI UAM+CSIC) and projects from CIAL researchers. The Consolider Fun-C-Food Program and ALIBIRD Activities Program have contributed to the financing of some equipment.

NOVALINDUS has the physical headquarters in the CIAL’s Pilot plant. Equipped with extraordinary devices, the main objectives of the Platform come from scientific research, to technological advice, including a mission of research support. All of this, results in a wide range of services to companies or entities.

To access the web and view the catalog of services press the link below: