Graduate Degrees


Coordinator: Dra. Tiziana Fornari Reale

Aimed at graduates (Bachelor Degree) in Science and Food Technology, Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary, Environmental Science, Engineering (agronomic, environmental, food).

The objective of this Master is to expand the academic and technical students to acquire advanced knowledge in the field of agricultural systems, food production and environmental issues, as in science and food technology and nutrition, as well as advanced knowledge in the scientific basis on the relationship between diet and health, for the design of new foods. The knowledge gained in the Master enable students to start a research career and enter the workplace in related sectors.

The Master is an official title at the Autonomous University of Madrid and includes a Master’s Thesis of 20 ECTS, with the wide range of topics offered by the associated centers, CIAL and IMDEA-Food, as well as other research institutions or companies collaborators, under the guidance of a qualified teacher.