Bachelor’s degree

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The Department of Production and Characterization of Novel Foods CIAL is composed of professors of Nutrition and Food Technology and Food Science at the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM). These teachers coordinate undergraduate degrees, master’s and doctoral linked to Food Science, Nutrition and Health.


Coordinator: Dra. M. Ángeles Marín Cabrejas

The aim of the Degree in Food Science is making a qualified training of future professionals in the food sector, providing the necessary knowledge in basic science subjects, in the nature of the food, its characteristics, the causes of its deterioration and the fundamental principles of its production and processing. All from the perspective of design and selection of the best methods of processing, preservation, packaging, distribution and use of safe, nutritious, healthy, pleasant and adapted to new consumer habits and in line with current legislation food.


Coordinator: Dra. Rosa Mª Esteban

The degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics is taught in the Faculties of Science and Medicine of the UAM, and enable them to practice the regulated profession of Dietitian-Nutritionist. The degree is linked to the branch of Health Sciences, and its objectives are aimed at achieving a comprehensive and integrated future professionals training, providing the new approach of modern nutrition that transcends the limits of traditional nutrition, considering that food should not only nourish but also to contribute to the improvement of the welfare state and health.