Ciencia y Tecnología de Productos Lácteos

Information about course:

  • UNESCO codes: 3309.09
  • Director: Dra. Elena Molina.       Codirector: Dr. Javier Fontecha.
  • Ubication: CIAL (UAM-CSIC) C/ Nicolás Cabrera, 9. 28049 Madrid
  • Course frequency: Anual
  • Teaching Hours: 30
  • Practice Hours: 20
  • Dates: 28 march – 6 april 2017
  • Course fee: 150 €
  • Admisión requeriments: Bachelor / Master Degree or Engineering, VET
  • Year which the course was taught for the first time: 1998
  • Number of times the course has been taught: 17
  • Phone: 910017938 y 910017935 (direct number) 910017900 (central)

A minimum of 6 students is required for the course

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The State Agency CSIC is the largest public research organization in Spain. It is responsible for the promotion, coordination, development and dissemination of scientific and technological research in order to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and economic, social and cultural development.

Researchers involved in the course belong to the Research Institute of Food Science (CIAL, CSIC-UAM), with great tradition and prestige in research on dairy products.

Why do this course?

Dairy products are foods of high biological value, in its natural form (milk), processed (cheese, yogurts, milk drinks, etc.) or as an ingredient in other foods (protein isolates). They are essential in all stages of life (childhood, adolescence, pregnancy, senescence) and offer vital benefits for nutrition and development of our body.

Constant research and innovation in this sector has led to the development of new products and concepts as probiotics, conjugated linoleic acid, peptides antihypertensives, cholesterol reducers, etc. They are already common in our daily lives. All information, basic and the most modern developments will be covered in this course.

The aim of the course is to deepen the knowledge of major scientific and technological aspects of dairy products. Different aspects of dairy products are studied from the control of raw materials to functional foods (probiotics, prebiotics, bioactive peptides, etc.) or food allergies and intolerances. Practices in laboratorios are included, with the latest technologies of analysis of the various components of dairy products and emerging technologies such as high pressures for modification of the functional properties of proteins are included. In addition various technical visits will be made to illustrate the theoretical clases.

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