PH.D Programs

PhD program in Food Science (RD99 / 2011)

Coordinator: Dra. Tiziana Fornari

New trends in food and nutrition have done that in a few years, emerges on the market a wide range of new products for the health care. The production of specific health foods establishes a fundamental link between the development of new food from the technological point of view and studies related to their biological activity, molecular biology and biomedicine, that these foods are backed with scientific research, they can maintain compliance with recent European standards, and can be integrated into the market.

These new social trends and the productive sector require the intervention of doctors with advanced training in both science and food technology, and aspects related to nutrition, microbiology, genetics and biomedicine, to be able to design and develop these new products with scientific rigor they demand, meeting all quality requirements, legislation and effectively, in order to be implanted in the marketplace safely for the benefit of the consumer, the food industry and society in general. The CIAL is actively involved in the formation of these doctors, with an average of 10 theses per year, to produce the technological leap needed to improve the competitive and economic level of the Spanish food industry, with the ultimate objective of improving the quality of life and health of the population through food.

The PhD Program in Food Science of the UAM is coordinated by teachers who make up the Department of Novel Food Production and Characterization. This new program has its antecedents in two previous programs: Doctorate in Science and Food Technology and Chemical Engineering, which has been in force at the UAM since 1998 and has continuously received the Quality Award from 2005 to extinction (course 2008- 2009) and PhD in Biology and Food Sciences, created in 2009-2010 as a transition program to verification and accreditation of the PhD program in Food Science, currently in effect.

Research lines

  • Healthy Food Ingredients
  • New Food Production and Conservation Technologies
  • Instrumental Analysis, Food Quality and Safety
  • Biotechnology and Food Microbiology
  • Nutritional Genomics