Technology Transfer

The CSIC aims to bring its scientific capabilities and technological achievements to all socio-economic sectors, to ensure that the research undertaken is transformed into social, economic and cultural well-being.

Services provided by the CSIC in connection with the transfer of knowledge:

  • Related to the protection of research results
  • Related marketing results
  • Related consulting and contract management
  • Related creating technology-based companies (EBT)

The UAM + CSIC CEI participates very actively with the transfer channel of the CEI, which has its starting point at the Research Results Transfer Office (OTRI), which are among the most active in Spain, and whose mission is to promote capacities in innovation research groups of Campus, to value our applied research, intermediating in research contracts signed by these groups and support in implementing them through the services of the Foundation of the UAM.

imagen patenteBodies involved with Knowledge Transfer:

  • Vice President for Innovation, Transfer and Technology
  • UAMemprende
  • PCM Madrid Science Park
  • InNorMadrid