Agro Chemistry (AGRIFOOD)

Group members

Full Professors

  • Dra. María Ángeles Martín Cabrejas

Senior Lecturers

  • Dra. Esperanza Mollá Lorente


  • Dra. Yolanda Aguilera Gutiérrez

Assistant Lecturers

  • Dra. Vanesa Benítez García

Predoctoral Researchers

  • Silvia Cañas Rodríguez
  • Miguel Rebollo Hernanz

Research Summary

The Agrifood Chemistry group is a research group recognized by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (C-001), and it has a long history in the training of researchers due to many research projects developed. At present, the group is composed by 1 Full Professor + 1 Senior Lecturers + 1 Lecturer + 1 Assistant Lecturer. Since 1985 it have been conducted more than 40 theses of Degree, DEA, Master projects and 15 Doctoral Theses. The mentioned group has been involved in important national competitive projects (CICYT, Madrid, UAM, INIA, AECID) and international (EU), besides different scholarships Teacher Training College and researcher (FPU-FPI) Postgraduate Grants (UAM), Collaboration Grants (MEC). The main research lines carried out by the group are the following:

  1. Evaluation of bioactive constituents and cell wall components involved on the nutritional and sensory quality of plant foods during processing and storage;
  2. Revalorization of food industry by-products as sources of functional food ingredients;
  3. Identification of melatonin in food matrices and its influence on oxidative stress.

Highlighted publications

  • Rebollo-Hernanz, M.; Cañas, S.; Taladrid, D.; Segovia, A.; Bartolomé, B.; Aguilera, Y.; Martín-Cabrejas, M. A. Extraction of phenolic compounds from cocoa shell: Modelling using response surface methodology and artificial neural networks. Separation and Purification Technology. 2021, 270, 118779.
  • Aguilera, Y., Pastrana, I., Rebollo-Hernanz, M., …Viejo, J.L., Martín-Cabrejas, M.A. Investigating edible insects as a sustainable food source: Nutritional value and techno-functional and physiological properties. Food and Function, 2021, 12(14), 6309–6322.
  • Rebollo-Hernanz, M.; Cañas, S.; Taladrid, D.; Benitez, V.; Bartolomé, B.; Aguilera, Y.; Martín-Cabrejas, M. A. Revalorization of coffee husk: Modelling and optimizing the green sustainable extraction of phenolic compounds. Foods, 2021,10(3), 653.
  • Benitez, V.; Rebollo-Hernanz, M.; Aguilera, Y.; Bejerano, S.; Cañas, S.; Martín-Cabrejas, M. A. Extruded coffee parchment shows enhanced antioxidant, hypoglycaemic, and hypolipidemic properties by releasing phenolic compounds from the fibre matrix. Food and Function, 2021,12, 1097-1110.
  • Ramiro-Cortijo, D., de la Calle, M., Gila-Díaz, A., Moreno-Jiménez, B.; Martín-Cabrejas, M.A.; Arribas, S.M., Garrosa, E. Maternal resources, pregnancy concerns, and biological factors associated to birth weight and psychological health. Journal of Clinical Medicine, 2021, 10(4), 1–14, 695.
  • Gil-Ramírez, A., Rodriguez-Meizoso, I. Purification of Natural Products by Selective Precipitation Using Supercritical/Gas Antisolvent Techniques (SAS/GAS). Separation and Purification Reviews, 2021, 50(1), 32–52.
  • Ramiro-Cortijo, M. de la Calle, V. Benítez, A. Gila-Diaz, B. Moreno-Jiménez, S. M. Arribas, E. Garrosa. Maternal Psychological and Biological Factors Associated to Gestational Complications. Journal of Personalized Medicine. J. Pers. Med. 2021, 11(3), 183.

Recent Research Projects

Nuevos ingredientes antioxidantes de subproductos de café y cacao como estrategia para reprogramar la enfermedad cardiometabólica a través de la lactancia

  • Referencia: RTI2018-097504-B-I00
  • Organismo financiador: Ministerio de Ciencia Innovación y Universidades
  • Instituciones Participantes: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
  • Duración: 1/1/2019-31/12/2021
  • Dotación: 108500 €
  • Investigadoras Principales: Dra. Mª Angeles Martín Cabrejas y Dra. Silvia Mª Arribas Rodríguez

Recent Research contracts

Caracterización de Compuestos Bioactivos en la Leche Materna para la Mejora de Fórmulas para Lactantes

  • Referencia: PFTC-20
  • Empresas: Alter Farmacia S.A. – Nutribén
  • Duración:: 18/12/2020 – 17/06/2022