Departamento de producción y caracterización de nuevos alimientos

Head of Department: Mª Ángeles Martín Cabrejas

The Department is structured on a generic line Research: Production and characterization of healthy foods and food ingredients for health.

This area is divided into different sub-areas of research:

  • Design, production and characterization of bioactive extracts obtained from different plant matrix using supercritical fluid technology, or high pressure. Simulation and optimization of compressed fluids processes.
  • Enzymatic synthesis of bioactive lipids. Purification by supercritical fluid extraction and molecular distillation. Characterization, bio-accessibility and oxidative stability.
  • Isolation, chemical and functional characterization of bioactive compounds that form part of mushrooms and application as functional ingredients. Efficacy studies at molecular level and humans genetic profiles.
  • Thin separation and preparative isolation of phenolic compounds from plant matrix using preparative separation techniques: ultra, nano and hyperfiltration (OI), solid phase extraction, fractional precipitation.
  • Evaluation of the biological activity of the different types of functional ingredients: anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antimicrobial. Bioavailability in vitro. Characterization antioxidant: oxidation in food and biological matrix.
  • Evaluation of interactions and modifications of bioactive and cell wall constituents affecting the sensory and nutritional quality of plant foods during processing and preservation
  • Conversion of environmentally-unfriendly by-products of the food industry into functional food ingredients: improving the nutritional quality and tecnofuncional properties
  • Assessment of technological processes for the identification of bioactive compounds (indoleamines) that influence on oxidative stress present in plant foods

Work Groups