Group members

Research Staff

  • Alejandro Cifuentes Gallego
  • M. Elena Ibáñez Ezequiel
  • Miguel Herrero Calleja
  • José Antonio Mendiola León

Postdoctoral Staff

  • Gerardo Álvarez Rivera
  • Alberto Valdés Tabernero
  • Lidia Montero García

Predoctoral Staff

  • Melis Çokdinleyen
  • José David Sánchez Martínez
  • Pouya Mohammadnezhad
  • Milad Karbalaei

Technical Staff

  • Carlos A. Cuellar Martín

Research Summary

In the Foodomics Laboratory we use and develop massive analytical techniques (transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics) to carry out our research in food and nutrition aspects such as bioactivity, safety and food quality at a molecular level. Our research lines include also the development of processes involving sub and supercritical fluids in order to obtain bioactive compounds and also, the development of advanced analytical methods based in coupled techniques (LC-MS, LCxLC-MS/MS, CE-MS, GC-MS, etc), Functional foods ingredients, develpment of processes bases in sub and supercritical fluids and gas expanded liquids; Life Cycle Assesment; Food Characterization, Quality control and Food Safety.

The objective of our recent work has to parts: i) to develop sub and supercritical fluids processes to obtain bioactive compounds from natural sources (mainly algae, microalgae, plants and food industry by-products) and ii) to study by Foodomic approach their effects in prevention and evolution of one of the diseases with higher incidence in our society, colon cancer. For this we use colon cancer cell lines and animal models, which may have important consequences in the prevention of this disease through the diet.

Highlighted recent publications

  • A.G. Atanasov, C.T. Supuran, S.B. Zotchev, I.E. Orhan, M. Banach, J.M. Rollinger, D. Barreca, W. Weckwerth, R. Bauer, E.A. Bayer, M. Majeed, A. Bishayee, V. Bochkov, G.K. Bonn, N. Braidy, F. Bucar, A. Cifuentes, G. D’Onofrio, M. Bodkin, M. Diederich, A.T. Dinkova- Kostova, T. Efferth, K. El Bair, N. Arkells, T.P. Fan, B.L. Fiebich, M. Freissmuth, M.I. Georgiev, S. Gibbons, K.M. Godfrey, C.W. Gruber, J. Heer, L.A. Huber, E. Ibanez, A. Kijjoa, A.K. Kiss, A. Lu, F.A. Macias, M.J.S. Miller, A. Mocan, R. Müller, F. Nicoletti, G. Perry, V. Pittalà, L. Rastrelli, M. Ristow, G.L. Russo, A.S. Silva, D. Schuster, H. Sheridan, K. Skalicka- Woźniak, L. Skaltsounis, E. Sobarzo-Sánchez, D.S. Bredt, H. Stuppner, A. Sureda, N.T. Tzvetkov, R.A. Vacca, B.B. Aggarwal, M. Battino, F. Giampieri, M. Wink, J.L. Wolfender, J. Xiao, A.W.K. Yeung, G. Lizard, M.A. Popp, M. Heinrich, I. Berindan-Neagoe, M.Stadler, M. Daglia, R. Verpoorte. Natural products in drug discovery: advances and opportunities. Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 20 (2021) 200-216.
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