Group members

Research Scientists

  • Isidra Recio Sánchez
  • Beatriz Miralles Buraglia
  • Marta Martínez Sanz

Predoctoral Students

  • Santiaga Vivanco Maroto

Fellowships and Contracts

  • Pablo Jiménez Barrios
  • Laura Díez Piñero

Research Summary

The group studies the protein fraction from foods and the health impact, including the quality assessment and the nutritional value of food proteins. Currently, we are working on the intestinal signalling of the protein fraction with different types of receptors involved in the satiety and metabolic response. The research group is expert on the simulation of the food gastrointestinal digestion, the development of gastrointestinal digestion models and the application of omic tools (proteomics and peptidomics) to study the digestion and other enzymatic hydrolysis processes. Furthermore, to modulate the digestibility of proteins, the group is working on different encapsulation strategies and investigating on the effect of protein-polysaccharide interactions in food systems. We also carry out advanced structural analyses, highlighting our expertise on X-rays and neutron scattering techniques. In addition, we study the bioavailability of the digestion products, as well as their benefits and risks for human health. Finally, we design and formulate products and ingredients incorporating specific sequences with positive health effects.
The group counts on experts in mass spectrometry, electrophoretic and chromatographic techniques, cell culture and animal models.

Highlighted publications

  • P. Jiménez-Barrios, C.M. Jaén-Cano, R. Malumbres, F. Cilveti-Vidaurreta, A. Bellanco-Sevilla, B. Miralles, I. Recio, M. Martínez-Sanz. Thermal stability of bovine lactoferrin prepared by catión Exchange chromatography and its blends with authorized additives for infant formulas. LWT-Food Science and Technology 154 (2022) 112744.
  • B. Miralles, J. Sanchón, L. Sánchez-Rivera, D. Martínez-Maqueda, Y. Le Gouar, D. Dupont, L. Amigo, I. Recio. Digestion of micellar casein in duodenum cannulated pigs. Correlation between in vitro simulated gastric digestion and in vivo data. Food Chemistry 343 (2021) 128424.
  • M. Santos-Hernández, L. Amigo, I. Recio. Induction of CCK and GLP-1 release in enteroendocrine cells by egg white peptides generated during gastrointestinal digestion. Food Chemistry 329 (2020) 127188.
  • A. Brodkorb, L. Egger, M. Alminger, P. Alvito, R. Assunção, S. Ballance, T. Bohn, C. Bourlieu- Lacanal, R.l Boutrou, F. Carrière, A. Clemente, M. Corredig, D. Dupont, C. Dufour, C. Edwards, M. Golding, S. Karakaya, B. Kirkhus, S. Le Feunteun, U. Lesmes, A. Macierzanka, A. R. Mackie, C. Matins, S. Marze, D. J. McClements, O. Ménard, M. Minekus, R. Portmann, C. N. Santos, I. Souchon, R. P. Singh, G. E. Vegarud, M. S. J. Wickham, W. Weitschies, I. Recio. INFOGEST static in vitro simulation of gastrointestinal food digestion. Nature Protocols 14 (2019) 991-1014.
  • M. Santos-Hernández, D. Tomé, C. Gaudichon, I. Recio. Stimulation of CCK and GLP-1 in STC-1 cells by human jejunal contents and in vitro gastrointestinal digests from casein and whey proteins. Food & Function 9 (2018) 4702-4713.

Recent Research Projects

  • Evaluación de la calidad proteica. Señalización intestinal de los productos de digestión de las proteínas alimentarias en la inducción de la saciedad (DIGEST&SIGNAL).
    • Investigadoras responsables: Isidra Recio y Beatriz Miralles
    • Entidad financiadora y Referencia: MICINN, PID2019-107663RB-I00
    • Duración: 01/06/2020 – 31/05/2024
  • Desarrollo de materiales biopoliméricos de envasado de alimentos a partir de biomasa de residuos de origen acuático (AQUABIOPACK).
    • Investigadora responsable: Marta Martínez
    • Entidad financiadora y referencia: MICINN, RTI2018-094408-J-I00
    • Duración: 2019-2022
  • Health implications of protein digestion products.
    • Investigadora responsable: Isidra Recio
    • Entidad financiadora y referencia: CSIC, iLINK 20292
    • Duración: 2020-2021
  • DOP-ARTE: Optimizando a arte de facer queixos das DOP Arzúa-Ulloa e Queixo Tetilla.
    • Coordinador: QUEIZUAR, S.L.
    • Entidad financiadora y referencia: Xunta de Galicia, FEADER 2019/046A
    • Duración: 2020-2021